Located at 185 Cherry Brook Road in Canton Center, the South Center District Schoolhouse is part of Canton’s rich history – just like the First Congregational Church at Canton Center. The schoolhouse, built in 1848 on land provided by Simeon Mills, was located next to the Church Conference House. The 800 sq. foot building was one of nine one-room schoolhouses in Canton at the time. It served the community as a school until 1942. In the years following, the building was used as a meeting place for women from the church, a community library, a branch of the Canton Public Library, and as a place for the church’s high school youth to gather.

Currently, the Schoolhouse is used on occasion by our Faith Formation Ministry, for educational purposes. Our children take a “field trip” to the schoolhouse, and while there learn about following the ways of Jesus, listen to stories, and absorb a little bit of town history.

A unique spot for gathering and a more intimate place than our large Fellowship Hall, the Schoolhouse is a wonderful place to conduct a special story time or put on an intimate musical performance.

Church Trustees, led by church member Bill Borchert, recently renovated the historical building, bringing it back to life. The goal is to increase the use of the building by opening it up as a cultural center, bringing in speakers and artists, authors and more. It is also a great venue for small parties.

The room is perfect for small gatherings
Coffee Hour
Faith Formation Class
Conference House and Schoolhouse in 1902

For more information, or to inquire about using the building, call the Church Office at 860-693-4581.

The Schoolhouse, post-renovation
Renovated interior