The purpose of the Christian Education program at First Congregational Church of Canton Center is to engage, support, teach and celebrate all children, youth and their families in their personal faith journeys. Our Faith Formation Director leads a team of volunteers from within our congregation who actively and thoughtfully provide faith based programs for children of all ages.

Church School classes are held weekly, during worship time. Classes are separated by grade, usually forming two groups. Class time is a mixture of Godly Play stories followed by Montessori-based activities. If you take a peek inside one of our classrooms on a Sunday morning, you may find children exploring bible stories in our “desert box’, writing in personal journals, or doing an open ended painting project.

Our Junior Youth Fellowship class is comprised of youth in grades 5-8. Here you will find lively discussions inspired by scripture, and teachers who encourage youth to form meaningful friendships amongst each other by ways of conversation and games.

Outside of classes, our Faith Formation program is involved in many fundraising opportunities throughout the year, including our famous annual Cake Auction, where members of the congregation make (very!) creative cakes and they are auctioned off among our wider congregation as a fundraiser. We also provide intergenerational opportunities throughout the year, including ‘Messy Church’ (an intergenerational, hands-on event of food, fellowship, music and crafts around a spiritual theme) and Living Creche (church members of all ages acting out the story of the birth of Jesus, around Christmas time). Our church community values the joy and light that children bring to the congregation.

If you’d like more information about our programs, please contact Kristen in the church office at