Accepting Donations

Make a Donation or Pay Your Pledge

We rely on donations and ongoing financial commitment to cover our daily and special expenses.  Just like your home, the church has grounds and buildings to maintain as well as a desire to contribute financially to local and faraway organizations and charities as part of our church’s mission.

Making a pledge is a way of letting the Board of Trustees know how much you plan to give to the church in dollars throughout the calendar year. Your Pledge is used to develop a budget (income and expenses) and monitor expenses relative to the income actually received.  The more church members (and non-members who wish to contribute to the church’s finances) pledge and carry-through on that promised amount, the better the Trustees can keep within the budget and prevent  having to tap endowments funds to cover shortfalls.  Pledges can be made and revised at any point during the year.


You can make your annual pledge by mailing us a completed 2017 PLEDGE FORM or contact the office at 860-693-4581 or


There are often special projects and repairs that must be done to our buildings and/or grounds that cannot be paid for from annual pledges but require special added funding.  If planned out in advance of repair and improvement projects, the church may  run what is referred to as a “Capital Campaign”, and  those funds go into a separate account specifically designated for these larger, more expensive items and projects.  Call Kristen DiMattia at 860-693-4581, or visit the church office. 


You may make a special gift that is dedicated to a specific church facility, program, mission or as a memorial.  Call Kristen DiMattia at 860-693-4581, or visit the church office.